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ICE or Medical Alert App for Android. Answered

Hi folks.
Following some recent life changing events I find myself in the market for a reliable ICE or medical alert app.
There are hundreds available & understandably looking at the various web pages they all claim to be brilliant at the job & the best ever of their genre, unfortunately the self promoting reports I have read so far are frankly about much use as a chocolate kettle.
I need something that someone has actually used & an honest opinion of its reliability it would be even better if it has been used on a Samsung Galaxy S2 but any info about something that you have experience of would be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.


Have a look to Medical ID, it enables quick access to vital information and emergency contacts. It is pretty easy to use and well designed.


if you've got an adroid phone....ICE/emergency contacts are built into the OS. it's available from the lock screen. you can put notes, and up to 3 contacts

I have installed a good ICE app recommend by some friends, so far it hasn't had any unfortunate effects on the phone so I'm quite happy with it.
It can be launched from the lock screen & allows me to enter my ID info, all the medical details I like as well as details about meds & personal notes, it also has the facility to dial my emergency contacts without unlocking the phone which I like a great deal.
Not bad for £2.99 & I got a 33% refund from Google although I have absolutely no idea why, perhaps they are having a Spring sale :-)

Its called ICE: In Case of Emergency & is produced by Appventive.
The UK version also includes a section fro your NHS number which none of the others I looked at had facility for, I know it's only a little thing & you could add it into the health insurance section on others but it does demonstrate a certain attention to detail lacking in some apps out there.

I don't know about apps, but have you added an ICE number to your mobile?

There's a campaign over here to persuade folk to put "ICE" in front of the appropriate entry in their phones, since emergency services can't tell from names in a directory who is the right person to call first.

I have in fact I've had one on every phone I've had since about 2007.
I would like a app because the beauty of many ICE apps is that they can still be accessed when the phone is locked meaning that protecting your phone may not inadvertently stop the emergency services getting information that could save your life.
There are dozens of them available online & through things like Google Play the difficulty is knowing which is most reliable, a small annoyance is that so many of them seem to have been created purely with the US market in mind so things like NHS numbers are not catered for but Insurance company details invariably are; surprising in a way when you think that the whole ICE idea was that of a British paramedic :-)
I have to say I was a little surprised that there isn't one available from the British Heart Foundation site but then I suppose they could be concerned about attaching their name to software that may let you down at the most critical moment, a common complaint with many of the reviews I have read is that an app that works great on one phone crashes or shuts down on others which is why I would particularly like to hear about ones that have been used on my model of phone.

Thanks, all a bit out of the blue & still getting used to it but it could have been a LOT worse.
It all happened about a week & a half ago, I felt unwell on the Thursday morning which as I have suffered badly from oesophagitis in the past I put down to that & eventually it passed although I felt unwell for the rest of the day.
Friday morning however was a different matter, chest pains, profuse sweating, nausea & the tell-tale numb left arm prompted a call for an ambulance; the pain subsided a bit shortly before the paramedic arrived but within minutes it all swept over me again & what turned out to be heart attack number three brought about a rapid trip to the hospital.
Within about 45 minutes of calling them I was undergoing angioplasty & was told the following day that if I hadn't made the call when I did I probably wouldn't have seen the weekend.
All more than a bit of a scary to tell the truth but at least I'm still here to tell the tale :-)

I wouldn't have dared to die, it was my sons 21st on the following Monday I never would have heard the last of it if I had missed that ;-)