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I constantly have cutoff pieces of redwood, various sizes, usually thin (1/4" thick by 5/8" wide, various lengths) that I would like to do something with besides use it for kindling.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I was thinking something like cutting boards by gluing a bunch together, but I absolutely know redwood is a POOR choice for a cutting board due to its softness.  Any other ideas for small pieces???  Thank you!



i saw a great looking cheese plate made of some curved planks

You can cut them to equal lenghts and use a clamp frame to sand sand them down to similar thickness.
Do this from opposing sides and you can flip them over 90° with basically no gaps in between them.
Sand again both sides and you end up with nice square rods that you can glue together to form bigger pieces.
For cutting boards and similar you can heat the pieces prior to sanding to give them more hardness.
A slight smoking burn on the outside while doing so is not a problem as this will be sanded away.
If you have more than enough wood and time you can make tiles that way...