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II Arduino Contest: Hacking Life Answered

This just in:

Hi again!In 2008 we promote the 1st Arduino Open Hardware Contest, which showed(one more time) the big potential of Arduino boards (www.arduino.cc).The 2nd Arduino Contest is opened now, we encourage you all to participate!Info and prizes:
Good luck to everyone, we are looking for your hacks!Libelium Team

It is also important to note rule #3 from the contest page says that you should post an instructional video or tutorial demonstrating your project. What better place to publish your project than right here on Instructables!? ;-)


I have looked for the first contests winning projects but can't seem to find anything. Could you post a link to the best of 2008?

Woah I am definitely entering this. I don't really expect to win, but its good incentive to finally post my Instructable with the Arduino. And those prizes are incredible. GPS & SD card writer!