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II have a water softener but my ice taste like salt? Answered


Salt can only be removed by reverse osmosis, everything else might lower the salt content but not enough.
You basically need a mini- desalination plant ;)
Fix it or get it fixed, until then drink bottled water and don't use salt when cooking your noodles ;)

Drinking water and cooking water should never go through the water softener,it should bypass the water softener.

So I'm not surprised your Ice is salty.

Your water softener uses salt to wash out the ion exchange chamber.

As JM says you should/must not connect your drinking water through the softener - in fact in the UK it would be illegal to do that. get a plumber in.

yea it was all ready in when I bought it and when they plumed it they did a terrible job I have to tear a wall apart to fix it Thanks I was hoping there was a filter or something I could use to help till I could get to it

Until you get it fixed you can use bottled water and a Brita Water Filter.

We don't use a water softener, but we only drink bottled or Brita filtered water purely for the taste of it.

I don't know if a Brita will take the salt out of the water but it does a great job removing chlorine and other flavors like sulfur.