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IIs there a way to take a song from a movie and turn it into an MP3? Answered

I have a play that was released on DVD as well as other not so well known movies, and there are some songs in the movies that I can't find in any store or online as I don't think they have been released as a soundtrack.  Is there any way that I can take the songs from the movie and convert them into MP3 format?



8 years ago

If you have a dvd player on your PC then its rather easy to do with the help of some free software. Audacity is probably the best, essentially any sound that plays on the PC can be recorded and converted to MP3. Just start recording on Audacity and play what you want to record, then edit it to capture what you want to keep. Sound Recorder is another that works basically the same way as Audacity and is a smaller, but limited addition. Windows has a sound recorder as part of the OS but it is limited to 1 minute clips. There is a work-around to record longer clips but it is a pain in the but to set up.

Sound Recorder:


8 years ago

Download "audacity". It's free and will let you record anything that can play thru your computer speakers.

Just plat the dvd and record the songs you want. 

Audacity has lots of features so that you can "mix" the songs like you want.  It will even record in stereo if it plays in stereo.

But, do I need to mention and warn you of copyright?