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IM BACK!!! wheres all the og members at? Answered

lets just say one two many prescriptions and a rehab later, im clean and back. but this site has changed alot, are any of the long timers still around.

like kiteman, guyfrom7up ect.?



I've been here since '07 if that counts :)

I wish I was an OG member. Nah but I only date back to 2008. Glad you're on a recovery track!

Same with me. although I beat you by 9 days!

old age, fading eyesight....heart operation, and shingles.....you know, true old guy stuff LOL

No, where did you get that idea?


Glad you're back, and over the problem. Sometimes life deals us a few rotten hands and we have to play them out to get back to the game. Look forward to your next instructable!

Oh, ok.
You have a good collection of instructables that you made!

I have been around still
How long were you gone?
What happened?

I'm still around, mostly, if you even remember me :P

Sunbanks, who could forget you :-) (of course, you may have been going by your "other" moniker then....)

I am hear, but not good today....

Ugh, I am here.....I don't hear very good anymore however, and it appears my eyesight is suffering as well :-)


I'm still here...


Congratulations on a successful recovery! Best wishes.

Yes, both of those users are back.