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I'M SORRY Answered

 Hey, just wanted to let you all know that i broke my right pointer finger. To all of you who like the guns i build, i'm sorry but i cant really build with a cast. I can put easy pieces together and such, but when it comes to snapping in a bunch of connectors i can't do it. I broke it when it got slammed in a car door. (the car is the lexus that i took the pics for my hell slayer on) My stupid sister saw her friend and jumped out of the car to see her and slammed the door just as i was getting out. I was just stepping out and my finger got slammed in the door. i had to go get a freaking splint and it sucks :( I can still make some stuff. I get my splint off in about 2 weeks. Then it will be sore, and i will have to have a wrap on it for another week.


That must hurt! I have always had a fear of shutting my fingers in car doors ever since I saw what it did to my friend's finger one time.

Get better soon!

I broke 8 bones in my left hand when i locked my hand in a car door with the keys inside.:(

OUCH. that sux :(


yay! my sister has done things like that to me too.I FEEL YOUR PAIN! metaphoricly

Did you happen to show your sister the finger next to the one you broke?  (depending on what your right pointer finger is)

i called her some fun names. And no but lol probably the funniest comment on this page. Actual LOL :)

Little sisters suck.  Well for you and ajleece anyways.

and me, for some reason she doesn't like it when I shoot her teddies....


I remember when I cut the whiskers off of my little brother's stuffed cat, lol. He was angry at me for a long time.

i cant even tell u how much  "it" annoys me  - -

^little  devil child.....

 well i cant bulid easy eather.......
i have a gash from a screw driver from when i ws working on a knex gun :/


8 years ago

Was it a Happy Tree Friends incident?


8 years ago

You're right handed? Forget K'nex, surely the fact you can do no school work or exercise is more important!?
I ripped the tendon right open in my left wrist once (not an emo lol) and the whole thing was ruined. Now I have a plastic one :P but it was in plaster for AGES! And I didn't know I was allergic to the cast until AFTER THEY PUT THE DAMN THING ON!

Understatement of the year! I dunno which was more painful: The accident (stabbed with a bike handlebar by accident -don't ask), the analysis (in which plastic surgeons prodded and opened the wound -whilst I'm still conscious!) or the cast matter...

Jeeeeze doctor's are stupid animals. They shoud be trained to know that people have pain.

i went to the hospital and got an x ray on my knee they said i had a spur in my knee then i went to cancun for vaction then after about 2 months went to the BONE doctor and he said i SHATTERED my knee my knee cap was like gone