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IMG SRC not working, From Photo's in instructables Library :( please can any1 help ? Answered

hello & Goog day to all,

ive been trying to Embed photo's into my instructables, say mid-way in a paragraph but everytime i click SAVE then go to my instructable page to view it once ive come OUT of Author Edit Mode, no pictures have been placed where i put them :(

Please can anyone help,

ive only just returned to instructables and its a new layout now - ALL of my previous instructables are ruined - they had detailed photo's strategicly placed in between text to aid in making the instructable as easy as possible to follow - so now ive got to re-do all of those TOO :(

Does anyone know why this string below doesnt work anymore;

<img src="">

using an example, this is how my string would look like when implanting it into author-mode;

<img src="https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/F8T/ATH6/H3Z3U85K/F8TATH6H3Z3U85K.LARGE.jpg">


it doesnt work...............

please please help and a thousand thanks in advance lol !

there also used to be a "View Source" button for viewing the page you are working on's html, thats not anywhere anymore, any ideas anyone ?!?



2 years ago

Works fine for me using full html.
Maybe if a few hundred more people complain about the totally useless editing functions some code monkey will actually wake up and provide us with a proper editor and editing options.
If you do it as the site wants you to then all is fine, just accept a bunch of pics in a fixed place with no usefull references ROFL


Reply 2 years ago

LMFAO @ your reply !

i cant believe they've taken out the "View Source" button, years ago i relied heavily on that to make the text follow along the text but now people are forced to go between the long line-up of photo's then back to the WALL OF TEXT..

For Full HTML as you use, how would i go about changing how my page looks using full HTML, like you use, any changes would need to be made from within instructables, no ?


Reply 2 years ago

The "view source" button still exists, if you're a Premium member.

html button.jpg

Reply 2 years ago

Um, Kiteman,

please could you tell me if my hard work has all been undone now that i dont have a "pro" membership in my previous instructables as i spent MONTHS perfecting the step by step photo instructions of an Arduino on breadboard, link shortened is here:;


i cant recount the tears of when i made that instructable lol

Can you still see photo's inbetween text, because i cannot :((

sniff sniff, sob sob :(

Once again though, thank you in advance, really grateful for the help :)


Reply 2 years ago

ooooooh man :(

i may cry !!

i miss my instructables looking all pretty with photo's :(

looks like i'll need to work harder at another new instructables when i make something again :(

thanks for checking, for now though, my poor instructables will have to survive with linked photo's in the text :(

sniff sniff, sob sob, lol