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CONTEST EDIT!! first person to figure out the mech and build it gets kudos from me!! :D
Whats this, a SAFE? I've seen hundreds of these, you can just pull the door open or easily pick the lock. Wait, thers no TUMBLERS! How can that be? That must be new!

WELL IT IS BRAND SPANKIN NEW AND HAS NEVER EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!!!!!! A secure knex safe that opens with a KEY! and its a very specific key. ONLY 1 KEY WORKS ALL THE OTHERS WILL NOT TURN! Tis is truely my most innovative creation EVER! If you do not like this, your a hater! I am going to be inactive so criticize me if you want it wont do anything. BEST THINGY EVER TRY TO BUILD FROM THE PICS IF YOU CAN! AHAHAHAHHAAHA
I will put up a video soon.
Sorry it's gone so no instructions :(
If anyone wants to build this please check out zbrown2016's instructable. It is very simmilar and I believe he did a great job on trying to replicate my prototype from the few pictures I've posted.


i have made this and its awesome!!! solid too. i hit it with a hammer also, and it didnt even budge!!! wow good job man

Farily hard. It is a solid safe and will be much harder killing it with a hammer than taking it apart

I didnt exactly make the mechinisim. I tried but phailed. So i just got a half moon and made a rod down to size. Like i got an orange connector and blue rod on one side and white on the other. I edited the door a little, but im sure u can figure that out, its not hard. So yeah, just make the latches as normal, (the holes the key go into) and um just make it like i just said there. Um also, instead of a tan clip at the end of the key, make it another dark grey connector. And uh yeah make it like i just said. P.S, i put tape around the orange connector, white rod and blue rod so it doesnt break if someone tries too hard to open it ;) hope this helps.

Ok ill get some up tomoz hopefully. Ill sleep for now until then bai!!! P.S, yes i am australian

Ok i was out all day, so i just took the photos then but i dont have time to upload them! Sorry mate should have em soon. P.S: LOL ur in uk XD

I for got to tell you 2222222222222222222222.....................539 is sending me the proper mechanism photos soon do you want me to send them to you aswel when I get them if he lets me?

Have you even made this? Or even tried? Im only showing the system. Just because the photos are'nt in order doesnt mean they don't make sense

Wow good job on trying to replicate my safe. I'm suprised you were able to make so much of it so accuratly considering the few amount of pictures I put up. nice!!


maak en instructie

maak en instructie

please! make a tutorial! Ilove this thing!!!

look the pictures were great and i could never have made up a safe like u but the pictures don't really tell me how to make it maybe post the video on youtube i will give u my username and password if u don't have an account please hurry as i realy want to make this reply for !!!!!.... username and pass .....!!!!!!


this is instructions for the safe

I know they dont and i did that for a reason. Lets face it, this is truely a brand new idea. There has never been anything like it before and I came up with it. The problem with that is prototypes are never that great. I gave everyone a basic idea and pictures so that maybe other people can attempt to make this safe and make one better than mine...as long as they remember to give me credit for the idea :)


sorry but this is long gone. I'm sure you can find another if you look hard enough.

I made this. Only the outside though. I had to get a bit creative on the mechanism.

who me?....if so, my friend should see this...they think im totally crap at everything but scub diving.......even though im quite good at alot of thing

ino how it is done......the end (with tan clip)goes in some kind of connector, turning the bolt. BUT!(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the grey bits stop it when there are pegs in the way, and having the pegs in the right places lets it slide past.....and an override would be a blank key, with just the tan bit on the end......SO HA This whole thing took me 10 mins to work out AND post.....but i would make the safe differently.......i would make it the size of a large gear, make it one with a sprocket on, and havi it so that when the key turns the gear, a bar-connected via a hinge(blue bar with spacers and a grey single clip peice) so that the rotation of the gear pulled a bar bck..then i would use more bars and the orange 2 clip connectors to make the lock the whole way down......ill post pics of this recreate once i make it

yes you are right and im suprised that it took 7 months and you were the only one to figure it out. I know this safe has disadvantages but its innovation and no one has ever done it before. I could make it where only a key with the grey slots in the right places would open the safe but im done with knex. Congrats though, for figuring it out.

you should make an instructable

 i have made all of this except the mechinism!!! need help

 i have made all that i can from the pics and need help with the mechinism!!!
this is my fourth comment in a row!!!! i have lots to say! :)

just asking but how far are you with V2 of the safe??????

Im finished and yet I haven't started. I have built it but all the pictures I took were deleted and I'm all done with knex. Im really sorry but I'm sure if you took the time and paid close attention to these pictures you may be able to build something like it.

 k, i just finished making instructions to my safe, so please have a look


friggin awesome you gotta post it