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I just launched one of my projects on Kickstarter it is a PCB shaped like a fish with 3 eyes, it connects to an Arduino board.  I really want to have a successful Kickstarter, so the whole funding goal is only $200.  Check it out! Tell your friends!


I'm too lazy to follow a link - what's it for?

This fits on pins 9-13,GND on an Arduino UNO, so you don't have to mess with wires when you are learning to blink lights and read a button. Also - I think it is funny.

It's a cool, good looking project. It's a bit steeply priced though considering it's a tiny PCB, 3 LEDs a switch and some resistors.

I know, right? I don't know how people can price some of these projects so low. About half the cost is for transactions. Also - Kickstarter no longer allows multiples of the same thing, 2 or 3 kits at a slightly higher price would have made more sense.

Part of what I am doing is learning to use Kickstarter, sort of testing the system --- I have some bigger projects in mind.