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IR LED as Camera Remote Answered

Is it possible to use an IR LED as a camera remote? I would like to have the LED flash at like two to three minute intervals thus closing the shutter and taking a picture. Is this possible? How do I learn and then repeat the frequency that the camera needs to take the picture? TIA



10 years ago

If the camera is already set up to take remote control via infrared, you can probably build a circuit that uses an IR LED to trigger that remote, and make it smarter than the normal remote so that it can do the sort of time-lapse repetition you're looking for. It's probably one of those projects best done with a microcontroller, and for popular cameras you can probably find information on the net on the details of the protocol. It MIGHT be easier to find an existing IR remote (either dedicated to the camera or a universal remote properly programmed) and use a simpler circuit to trigger that remote (by simulating a button-press.)

Thank you. westfw, that sounds like the way I want to go. I guess I'll just have to hunt around for the right protocol/frequency or a small universal remote.

what you would need to do is open the camera, replace the trigger with a transistor, hook the transistor up to an ir reciever, and you could use a 555 timer to drive the remote you're holding. You could use a relay instead of a transistor if you want.