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IR Receiver Answered

I recently ripped apart a Sky+ box that was out of use. Of course, it contained many parts. Quite a few tact switches, a few LEDs, a lot of capacitors, lots of resistors.
One of these parts was a little metal cube with a black sphere protruding from the front of it. This is the IR receiver for the remote. I wish to incorporate it into another project.

The first problem is I don't know how to use it. It has 3 "legs" - 3 metal contacts.
The second problem is I can't easily experiment with it as I inadvertently destroyed my breadboard earlier. A new one will come as soon as I can manage, but until then.....

My question is this - any ideas how it would be used?

Thanks in advance,


That looks like the classic IR detector from Sharp.

These snapshots come from a datasheet I found:

Thanks again!


You COULD take a digital VOM and hook it up to two of the legs and expose it to sunlight and cover it alternately, to see what readings you'll get......you only have 3 combos to try, and if something gives a negative reading just reverse the leads and try again. This should tell you pretty much "what" it is doing. (Measure resistance).

Any part number or markings to identify the component? You could then look up the spec sheet and figure out what circuits you can use it in.

Only the "IR1" on the PCB, I'm afraid.

Thanks anyway,