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IR or RF light switch.? Answered

I need to replace an old (1940s) rotary switch.  It turns on 21, 20 watt/110v light bulbs on a display sign.  Each one in sequence.  Once on, each light stays on until switch is rotated backwards or all are turned off.  Currently, the switch is on a 10' cable with all wires forming the cable.  It is bulky and contacts are bad.  So, I'm hoping one of you wizards can give me instructions on how to replace it with a wireless remote and relays or whatever.  I bow to the experts.

If you prefer, you can contact me at   Moto-Ed@att.net



You could go solid-state for the whole thing now, whatever the answer to Re-design is.


Do you want them to turn on in sequence or can the all turn on at once?