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IR remote control color change LED - how small is possible? Answered

Hi.  You know those LED candles and such that come with a remote control to change their color?  I'd like to do this with a necklace.  I'm wondering how tiny a light and receiver set-up can be?  Thanks.



Have you taken one of those LED candles apart? It may be a one chip wonder that is already pretty small. You would only need to consider replacing the batteries to see if it runs off of coin cells to embed in a necklace.

Okay, bought one, and here are its guts. It will work with 3 volts. But the whole thing is kinda huge for a necklace. I get that obviously I need the RGB LED, the IR receiver, and the control chip... but what is everything else?


Easiest thing to do is to extend the wiring for your LED and IR photodetector to get them off the circuit board. The circuit board and batteryholder can hang off the back of the necklace more hidden from view. You can route the wires around front and hide it by covering with beaded jewelry parts.

Everything else is the support circuit needed by the IR receiver side of the circuit. The control chip needs a clock crystal, the resistors and capacitors on the board to receive and translate the IR signal and control the sequence of the LED.