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IR to USB Answered

I have probably asked enough dumb questions already but I think you could do this. I have an old TV remote control. If I would split it open and disconnect the IR and solder a USB cable to it would it work on the computer? (I would have put batteries in it too.) A program would control the remote.


he whants to switch channels with a computer easyer explainition he wants his computer to be a remote


10 years ago

No, the remote controls the computer. In a USB cable there are four cables. Red-Hot, Black-ground, Green-data White-data. (from what I understand) I solder the cables to the remote. A program sets the keys. (you press a button and then the program would ask you what you want the button to do.) Yes this program does exist. I could open Firefox with the remote. Something like that.

what is the program called and were can i get it

. I don't understand what you are trying to do. Do you want the computer to control the remote, which in turn controls the TV? The remote to control the computer? Something else?