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IRC knex channel Answered

Hey, I decided that the knex community needs a IRC channel...why? We don't have one yet (as far as I know). IRC is ALWAYS good to chat because it is fast and there are MANY clients you can download and access it.
So, I programmed a bot to manage it and now it's online!
I put it in IRCLink, the channel is #knex.
For those who don't know how to use it...
Go to google, type IRC client, you can download one, then type into the chat box "/server chat.efnet.org" and after that "/join #knex".
For those who don't want to download stuff: here is a client for the web-browser. As a channel you must enter #knex For real name and email you could just invent something
Looking forward seeing you all there!



we moved, we are now on IRCLink due to some bot problems, to join it, just type into the chat-box "/sever irc.irclink.net" and after that "/join #knex" and then you are in the chat!

Here's a mibbit link directly to that channel if anyone wants it. Then you only need to pick a name. I also like it because it says in your tab when someone has said something, not sure if others do that. Here

here's the real one (because we moved to irclink):

Dunkies, you forgot that i moved to irclink, that means a different server, a example would be irc.irclink.net

mhmm, I added now a bot that notifies if a new knex ible is posted.

I downloaded Xchat for it! I think it will be an awesome chat when there are more knexers there!


6 years ago

KIchat is IRC.

mhmm, inactive, and so why not try a new one?