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IS a Coaxial S/PDIF port the same as RCA video? Answered

looking at working out a solution for someone with tv and what not. i know that there is a computer montior input, and then under "audio" it says Coaxial S/PDIF the S leads me to believe that it is sound and not video, so if no is there any way to get a vga to the rca video? we want to buy a computer monitor, and then a dtv box and use a laptop to watch tv online and then use dtv for that too. thoughts?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Same style plug? Yes.

Same type of signal? Definitely not.

So you're saying you want to use a computer monitor to watch both DTV signals and video from the laptop? This type of monitor exists, but it's rare. You;d be better off buying an HDTV, which will be able to accept signals from a DTV box and the laptop (as long as the laptop has a DVI output).

It's not too clear what you've got, e.g. "get a vga to the rca video"? Are you referring to a video cassette recorder, or what has those connections?


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Definetely not the same, Coax S/PDIF is digital audio, although the S stands for Sony instead of sound (Sony/Phillips Digital InterFace). I don't really understand the last part of your question, are you going to have both a computer monitor and a separate laptop? You can get converters to change RCA to VGA, such as this one on Amazon. You can probably check around and find something cheaper too.