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IS it possible to add a webcam to a computer? Answered

I have a laptop, fujitsu t4020D. I would like to try and add a webcam to the display bezel. I can find component parts (webcams) from other computers. What I want to know, is it even remotely possible to wire the cable coming from the webcam to use usb, so i could theoretically plug it into my usb port?


Most webcams plug in as USB, and can clip onto the laptop.

If you want it actually Built In, that's going to be complicated.

Seconded -- if you stripped a bezel mount usb camera from another laptop and wanted to include it in yours, wouldn't be impossible -- but you would either wire it into the internal usb (by adding a hub if needed), then wire it up in some spare space.

So, it is possible to take a bezel mount from another laptop and get it to work on another (different) laptop? I would have just thought maybe rigging the cable from the camera up to a usb cable, and running it out the side of the bezel, and then plugging into the usb port. I know its not the most attractive solution, but it isn't necessarily the end of the world...

Yes, that's possible -- for the amount of effort, if you're not going to hide the wire in the frame, then you might as well just use a small external laptop webcam.

so, how would one devise a plan to get that camera attached to either internal usb, or external usb?

the camera should be natively usb -- just wont have a pluggy wire you expect -- power ground data+ and data- are all you need!

sweet! and one should reasonably expect to find drivers for these devices online right?

hit and miss. Some have spectacular support -- others are near impossible to find. If you look up the drivers for the original laptop, they will probably work on any similar OS.

.... which is why I'd just go with an external camera, which will come with drivers (for Windows at least, probably for Mac, and if you shop around you can get one with Linux drivers.)

yeah, i looked at the costs of an internal piece online and the externals are much cheaper and much easier to work with. thanks.