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IS there a way to hack a Laptop LCD to work on a Desktop?? Answered

I bought a couple of broken HP laptops in hopes of making one good one well it hasn't turned out that way but I was thinking that there must be a way to take one of the LCD displays and hacking it so I could use it as a second display off of my desk top if this could be done then i will go look for a older over head display the drop the laptop display into it https://www.instructables.com/id/LCD-Overhead-Projector/ and try that



10 years ago

Yes, you can buy a controller board and power suply for a lot of LCD's, but they START at about $200. IF you can track down the circuit, you might be able to make one for a little cheaper, but not much. To compare, you could buy a 17" monitor at walmart for $150. Please use the search box next time, this question is asked quite frequently.