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Ible overkill Answered

Not sure if this is a "bug" or not but it is annoying for me and didn't know if this fit any other topic so here goes.  I spend a lot of time on ibles going through the new and older ibles as I look for insperation and such.  I've noticed for almost the entire year that I've been on this site that when I'm looking through the topics, like workshop, play, outside ect ...that I will see many of the same ibles over and over and over on differant pages.  Normally I just keep going on and ignore it but I got to thinking why am I seeing so many of the same ibles on the differant pages.  For example I go to Workshop and it shows 140 pages of featured ibles.  Now going page to page up to 140 there are LOTS of the same ones.  This isn't anything big but it does seem to be misleading on the actual number of ibles.  So now that I got my little rant off my chest, is there a way to clean up the actual number? 


Well It appears that this has been fixed (at least in my quick look in wookshop featured) and I want to thank the admins for the quick response. It went from 140 pages down to 125 pages and a quick figuring means about 300 multiibles were removed. It makes it much cleaner and I'm sure the time I now save will be appreceated by Mrs Redneck who wants her laptop back. =]

I started to go thru the featured in Play and started to see some multi's in there too. Just thought I'd let the admins know. I actually started at the last Ible and worked forward and seen a few repeats in the first (last) 40-50 pages, before I stopped surfing it.

Hi, something similar happens for the Dremel projects. The last eight projects from the first page are also on the second page. This only happens, when you click on "2", not when you hit on "next". (same thing for all the other pages)

Interesting. I hardly ever hit the numbers to move from page to page, I use the next button. I will try this some and see if its any differant. I've looked thru most of the main topics and have seen this happen in them all, but the Outdoors and Workshop seems to be the only one anyone has "fixed".

I agree with this. I browsed the woodworking page ordered by "featured" and I noticed that sometimes the same ibles came back around again. It weren't that many though but it was kinda annoying...

Can you paste an example URL so we know exactly what you're looking at?


Is there any chance you could take a couple of screenshots showing the overlap? That could be helpful to Staff in reproducing the bug. I haven't noticed this behaviour myself, the few times I've done multi-page scanning.

Are you seeing the same exact instructables by the same author? I know similar ibles exist because of "burning questions" contests and some will be put up without knowing there is an instructable that exists with the same topic. Some duplicates may exist in terms that one is a slideshow and then they make an instructable with the same images. And going through 140 pages of ibles is like trying to read all the XKCD comics in one session.

Yes they are from the same author and are the same ible. I hadn't thought about the slide show affect but even with that in mind there is still no reason there would be 4 or more of the same one over the spread of 140 pages. And yes going over that many pages is a chore, It took two days to get through the Workshop featured and about the same on the Outdoors one. Yea I've been spending wayyy too much time on here lately, but a mans got to get his fix.

Hmmm, I have the PRO thingy but maybe what you see is the sort that keeps on throwing up a few featured ibles, some advertising, and then the rest of the continued list. You may see the same ibles across different categories like workshop and outdoors since ibles can be tagged with different categories and sub categories or have some multiple category listing since the new channel category was implemented.

"And going through 140 pages of ibles is like trying to read all the XKCD comics in one session."

Pointless and dull?