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Ibles game (COMPLEAT) Answered

the game is done give it a try post your high scores its free try it today AHHH TRY IT!


275 points

could use some minor tweaks though great job

The evil stencil hand MUST DIE

But Me keeps getting anihalated

try harder practice makes perfect

35 points ty for the game its well coool

Its alright. I cuold make something better

For shure make somthing better.

The hand got stuck down the bottom - needs a bit more work... L


yea just restart

Also, how do you control the direction of Robot's shots? (or don't you?) L

I can do that, but can you check the coding?
Some of the other movement was 'non-threatening', look at the parameters to make this a bit harder? If the hand touches robot, it should score to I think.


Ah, yes I did wonder whether that would come through as I was posting it... L

Yeah, it needs more work. The firing is a little slow!

w00t 15 socre! -PKT


9 years ago

kool game goe! ~bk