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Ibles is sending me a post card!!!!? Answered

i got a messege saying there going to send me a instructables holloween post card? di anyone else get this



Best Answer 8 years ago

It seemed legit, in that it looked like it was sent from Ibles HQ's. I didn't really think to question it.

Yes... The second one just says to ignore the first.

i replied to both... i didn't really get it. so i think i'm getting two of them!

It smells fishy to me. Why would they pay postage to send out cards to our real address. Why not just give us all a patch or send something via email? I think those who send in the addresses are going to get a lot of junk mail soon. I hope that's all.

Promotion. Low-cost attempt to encourage folks to continue contributing. After all, in some very real sense those of us who write instructables and provide answers really are the "product" Instructables is selling; without the volunteer contributors, the site would be a fraction of its current size and popularity. And, yeah, I suspect they do want to authenticate the participant distribution. That's useful info when they're trying to sell advertising space on the site (and/or when trying to find folks to sponsor contests). But I'm not particularly interested in a postcard. Not unless there's something particularly interesting about the card that they haven't told us.

Guilty as charged; comes of having an advertising executive in the family.

If it's appealing more to other folks, that's great -- consider me an outlier.

There's a microchip under the stamp containing a secret video message from Eric. Good luck figuring out how to read it, I happen to have a microchip-reader-video-player device already.

postcards are physical you can tuch an d feel them you can lose them too

i just go mine in the mail......its not a hoax.

Seems like everyone gets a card.


8 years ago

Instructables says i got top votes and they wanted to send me a card. What does top votes mean?

Ignore the top votes PM.

i realy dont know but i have been here for like a year and have gotten a reasonable amount of hype

Yup, I got one.

Got the same offer, or actually two different offers. Declined.

Yes. L

I think that instructables is looking for a way to tell where people are so that they can target-market effectively-that is, they can sell time/space to advertisers not that they are going to sell the list.

Yup, me too. The message said that either it was because of something nice I did, or because Robot just likes me.

Yah. I got that note too.