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'Ibles profile ages? Answered

This one confused me a bit, does the profile age roll over with your 'ibles birthday? Or is it another time, because mine's got the jump on my twentieth by a fair bit...

But I have no recollection of having a birth date on 'ibles so hows the 'aging' determined?


We don't know your birthday, so for half the year we're off by a year.

Ah right, suppose it's still effective without adding another layer of legally protected data to the barrel...

However the sense of foreboding upsets me... Going to be twenty...

That seems so weird, since I remember back when you were really excited to be turning 18 :P 

Feels a long time ago, haven't spoke to you in a while either...

Yeah, I don't know how long it's been since we last talked... 

Nah no more shine for a while... Had a few beers then someone gave me a bottle, the night was eh, interesting. Later my mother phoned to ask if my brother had turned up at my house - Being all shined up I went out looking for him, five miles, two fights and a conversation with a hobo and I found him in a bush...

To put that in perspective he was out within half a mile of both my house and the family's house...

But...why do you ask for it on signup, then? COPPA? You don't remember it? 

We can't have the email address of anyone under 13.  When you sign up, you tell us your age, but not your birthday.

Hm, I guess I remembered wrong - I could've sworn I was asked my DOB on signup...

New TSA profile rules on suspected or would-be stalkers, extra level of screening. :P

I believe it rolls over with the new year.

If that's true, it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard...

If you don't input your actual birthday, when esle should they roll it over?

I think I was just asked for my age?

Anyhoo, they'd need to make that data part of your profile for age to roll over on your birthday.

If they did, though, they could generate a site calender with members' birthdays on a well as contest dates and other events submitted by members.

Well we had an 'ibles map, a calendar would be easily maintained...

The map was on another site (it's still there!), but I agree that a calendar would be nice.

About a month from now, you might as well tack on another hour.

I believe stress and other factors like smoking or drinking contribute to the acceleration of aging.  Try some cold cream instead of Bailey's which may eliminate or at least decrease the signs of premature aging.

I'll take that under advisement... Maybe I'll start drinking custard.  That said I did make the baileys more healthy, I made a milkshake instead...

Don't those people from mountains of Soviet Georgia or somewhere live a long life due to a big diet of yogurt?  Or is it vodka?

It could also be partially because of jackalope years. 

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It seems to roll-over. I've never updated and it seems to be right.


I am not sure....mine says I am 52, which won't happen until Nov.   maybe it is based on the Year only *shrug*

 Time has sped up on you, dear chap.

It is going approximately 1.47 times faster than it used to go.

 I dunno...