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Ice Alaska: Ice Answered

Ice for the competition is collected form gravel pits around Fairbanks. In the summer gravel is mined from old river channels. The resulting ponds contain little organic material. Additionally during nine month winter, temperatures range from +40 to -60F (+5 to -50C). These factors combine to create exceptionally thick clear ice. The following are pictures of an iced over gravel pit.


That looks amazing. I think it would be awesome to go to Alaska. My dad used to work up there.

Of everywhere I have ever been the only place I truly want to live is Alaska. If you are interested in coming up north I would recommend car/camping. There are lots of fun places to pull off the road and camp, hike, swim, canoe or ski, snowboard, snowshoe, dog sled, and sled depending on the season.

I hear the cost of living it a bit much because everything has to be trucked or flown in.

The cost of living is definitely a bit higher. But wages are also. Some things are less expensive or even free (salmon and other seafood is abundant in coastal areas, large game is widely hunted, and firewood is free for residents in national forests). Heck, just tonight i filled out my PFD application - the check the state give you every year. Last year was $1,500. But yes, a gallon of milk or gasoline is definitely more expensive than most places in the US.

Yes, I realize in some ways it is all relative :-)

You took the words right out of my mouth.

That and see the Northern Lights, in person. *sigh*

It is well worth the trip. The aurora is a unique and beautiful experience, and they say that my home town is the best city in the world to see them from. I hope to see them before I head back down south. The competition will be difficult and we will be working around the clock, but hopefully we will be carving under the northern lights.

Well, being on the East coast makes it doubly hard for me, being I am not in a position to travel (financially) at the moment.

Wow, I know were I'm never going *brr* I'm into sun or dreary rain, coldness just ain't for me...

it doesnt look too clear but thats still cool!

Well, there is about a foot of snow on the surface of the pond. I hope to put up pictures of the actual blocks shortly.