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Ice Rink Leveling? Answered

Looking for anyone's practical experience here. I have made backyard rink last 3-4 yr, now upgrade to Nice Rink liner. Holding water never a problem, many in Northeast last yr had limited time due to warm winter. My rink is triangle shape with legs 20x30. Slope on one side  goes from 1" to 7" or so, average ice thickness is 3-4". Part of rink over brick patio block. Use wood 2x6-2x10 borders.

Was thinking of putting hay/straw under liner in the deep sections to reduce volume/depth so I can freeze solid and not have water layer under the ice. Or do you think the trapped air (under liner) will warm and work against this. I would think enough straw would not fully compress and help reduce water level, but then interface between liner and actual ground will have a lot of air space.

Got a few months to think on this, my season is late Dec-mid Feb.



If you're wanting to reduce the liquid layer, reduce the liquid you're freezing.

Start shallow, let that freeze, then add a layer on top each evening. The first layers will not float to the top, because they will be stuck to the ground below.

Freezing this way will also help your rink last longer, because a thicker bulk of ice takes longer to warm up to melting point.

Artificial ice rinks are frozen from below - BUT they build them up slowly using a hose with a sprinkle so they freeze right through.

Perhaps your trying to freeze too much water at once - do it in layers over a few days.

+1, If it's cold enough and you have all day you can probably finish in a day.

Don't use straw or hay. It will really collapse under the weight and be almost useless. Buy some foam panels from the building supply. They will be easy to fit, easy to store, cheap and won't collapse under the weight.