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I'd like to add closures to the plastic bags that Tostito's are sold in. Is there a way other than gluing on snap tape? Answered

I want to be able to re-use these for dry food storage and am thinking snaps would be the best method. How to? Better methods?



9 years ago

They are thin, easily torn bags. You would be better off using a "chip clip" to seal the folded top, or just immediately transfer the contents to a large ziplock freezer bag after opening the Tostitos. This second idea has an added benefit, that any crumbs in the bottom of the bag can be separated and used as a food coating before they turn stale without having to recrisp them in the oven, or are also enjoyable in a bowl of chili.

If you want to seal it good you might want to try using one of those vacuum food sealer. It seals the bag just like they seal it in the factory and it keeps the food fresh longer. They make small ones that just seals the bag without the vacuum and they cost alot less. I hope this helps