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I'd like to bring a European appliance to US and run on a 220V line in my home. Besides clock speed, any other probs? Answered

Specifically, this is for an espresso machine - which has some motors and servos, but no clock. It's a lot cheaper here (I live in Europe right now).


Just brought an Italian Bialetti espresso machine back into the country. Bought a 1500 watt step-up/step-down transformer from a web vendor for 75 bucks. It takes in 60 hz 120 and puts out 50 hz 220. Espresso machine works fine. Now, to wire it into the wall. Anyone know where I can buy some italian outlets online?

I have already run 220 power in my house. it DOES WORK despite all the people who are ignorant of how this works. I actually took a European power strip and cut the end off and carefully put an American 220 plug on it. Now all my European appliances work perfectly. The current is 220 AC with two hots but it alternates and those appliances work just fine. I have been using my European appliances for 4 years in the U.S. with this system.


9 years ago

Depending on what kind of motors they are, they may run fast (going from 50Hz to 60Hz). It's kinda a crapshoot--it "should" work, but will it? No way to know for sure. Your motor may not last as long, there may be other complications.

It wont work on 110 voltage. So your better off buying one in America that will work with the voltage.