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I'd like to know how 2 seniors in a caravan can access internet via a laptop without breaking the bank? Answered

I have a long history of #8 fencing wire technology. While I'm computer literate enough to make good use of the internet and spreadsheets I get very baffled by the like of downloading software. Laurie


The best plug and go solution I can recommend would a usb 3G dongle on a monthly data plan, The dongle come free with the data plan and they start from around £15 a month for a usable data allowance per month. Theres no need for a phone line and it can be used outside and away from the caravan.

I use a U727. My carrier is Sprint. I've made several cross country trips with my iBook always on and never lost my connection.

If you're on the road frequently, you'll need a datacard or a cell phone with tethering. Talk to your favorite cell phone provider about this. I caution you that it can be expensive, but it's the only solution that moves with you from place to place easily. If you're not on the road frequently, you could try to find a nearby wireless access point to connect to. If your laptop has a wireless card (most do these days) and you're lucky enough to have an access point nearby... great! I caution you that there's a complicated etiquette for the use of public access points and that private access points may be open but not welcoming. It's not, therefore, always a good solution but it has the benefit of being free or extremely cheap. Dial-up internet is pretty good for anyone who doesn't spend a lot of time downloading music and videos. A few emails or light surfing will feel the same at dial-up speeds as it does on a high-speed network. If you have a landline phone, this is a cost-effective option in most places. To get any of these working, you will not likely need to download any software. Best of luck.

The use of 'caravan' makes me assume you are British so I don't know how much help I can offer. Are you looking for a cheep internet provider or just free (or leached) Wifi (wireless connection)?

explain the question better