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I'd like to make neat and clean holes in a tin can but I do not have a drill bit for drilling metal. Answered

I'd like to make some holes in a tin can but can't think of how I could go about doing it. I'd like to be neat and as perfect as possible though. Buying drill bits or anything else for that matter isn't optional for me. I do not have any hole punches either.


vince 09

Best Answer 9 years ago

you could try filling it with water and freezing it than use a hammer and nail to poke a hole the ice should keep the can from crushing hope this helps

. Ingenious. I don't know if that will work or not, but it's certainly worth a try. Pykrete might work better.
. There will probably still be some curling at the edges, so I suggest making the hole slightly smaller than needed and using a round file to finish.

In first grade, we made lanterns using that method. It worked perfectly. No need for pykrete, plain water was more than enough.

ya lol thats where I got the idea lol

Same plan but with damp sand if you don't feel like playing with the freezer. Tape over holes if you find it's coming out.

a pointy piece of iron heated by fire, coke can are pretty thin....alminium burns.
or: Use a screw.

Apologies, best to read the small print with glasses, so no punch ? So the question should be how to make a punch cos any other method is trouble. So find steel rod big enough for hole, punch for centre mark and drill out shallow hole with drill, finish with file or stone for sharp edges. this one making session should remove all that water freezing.

For making clean holes in thin metal use a punch as used for leather and canvas, comes in many sizes, hit with hammer and use wood as support, end grain preferred. Remove sharp edges with round file or stone. For lamps you need grommet for cable

my face got burnt off while trying this

first, secure it to a wide, stable surface (within ample reach, don't put it in the exact center of a 3 meter circular table...) Second, it's tin... you don't need to worry too much about drill bits. I've used a sub-par drill bit to drill clean through steel before, thing didn't cost me more than $30, with the drill itself and all. A cheap, steel bit with a cobalt tip should do it. However, this really depends on how big you want the holes. If you don't want to fiddle with drill bits at all, though, you might try scoring the shapes out nice and deep, then just taking a regular screw-driver and a hammer and tapping it until it pops out (is the tin can ridged? or... flat? and what sides are you trying to do this on?)

What size holes, and what for? perhaps another material is easier to work with.