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I'd like to try a cellular signal booster (GSM or CDMA), anyone have expertise in this area? I have access to equipment. Answered


Like the stickers that were a "As seen on TV" product 10 years ago??? They don't work. In fact, they can reduce your signal depending on your phone's configuration. The best way to boost your phone's signal is to add a bigger antenna.. unfortunatly that went out with the old motorola brick phones. If you're thinking of a different product, please reply.

No, I am not likely to touch the late night battery antenna. I am thinking of an amplifier which picks up the signal and boosts it both ways. To my thinking if I boost all the signal (so all of the conversations on a carrier)incoming from the tower and boost all the signal originating in the range of the amplifier my phones will filter out just their signal. I know it is more complicated than I think, but this is more a learning exercise than an actual project. Thanks in advance!

Got it. There are repeaters on the market for use in steel buildings (such as Walmart) and high-rises and other problem areas. Essentially they preform the same function as the repeater towers the phone company uses to give you service outside. Building your own equipment that operates in the radio frequencies of CDMA and GSM networks isn't strictly legal, but it is doable. There's a lot of engineering to think of though, or you might wind up just disrupting service in a certain radius around your device. You'd need to keep your circuit fast and simple, or there will be lag. There's a whole heap of other issues... but I'll go ahead and point you to google where you might find schematics for cell phone (or GSM or CDMA network) repeaters.