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I'd really like a high quality deep red gloss finish filing cabinet. I can't find one so want to make my own. Any ideas? Answered

It's to go in my home office, and will be a big 4-drawer number.


I've spray painted them red to match my tool cabinet.

also cool. What kind of paint did you use? any photos available?

I used this bright-red Rustoleum with a high gloss finish. I did lots of thin coats so I didn't have any drips. I taped everything I didn't want painted (handles, locks, those little label inserts) and I added wheels to the bottom since it was in my garage for tools. I don't have any photos, but I thought it looked really good when I was finished. The only thing that disappointed me (it was my fault) was that I put a speaker magnet on the side, hung a heavy T-square on it and it slid and made a scratch.

For a heavy duty finish, take it to an auto-body shop to powder coat and bake the red gloss finish on.

This sounds like a great idea! Any idea how much it would cost? I'm guessing not cheap!

It would probably cost more in labor to prep the piece. Maybe you could talk to some vocational/trade school to see if they want to experiment with painting a metal filing cabinet to practice their skills in painting and clearcoating. Maybe some artist wants to put flames or pinstripes on it.

Ha, even more awesome advice. thanks for the info, will see if I can drum something up. The alternative looks like some DIY Rust-oleum lacquer. In either event, will post my results. Cheers for the help