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Ide goda kold inda mide node.... Answered

Mide sinudses id all clogged up.

As long as this doesn't go into my chest (like it did for my wife), I will be able to survive the next few days.

I really hate sinus infections though, don't you?

Anyone out there fall victim to the latest round of stuff going around?

...but this is how I feel about now though....



There are several things going around my school at the moment. I seem to have gotten away with the sickness one, and the flu one, but the dizziness one got me two weeks ago, and the sore throat got me at the end of last week.

Yeah, there seems to be a triple threat over here, of sinus infection, combined with a tickley dry cough, and ends up with sore throat and if not taken care of, ends up in the chest....where my wife currently has it.

I hate them I get them bad...

I so RARELY catch anything, even when my wife become Deathly ill...but everfy 5-12 years or so.....it catches up to me.

I got a bit of a cough and cold but not a bad one, I think it's time to not cycle to tech for a bit, once you get in to minus temperatures it's not nice, partly because all my jeans have holes in them... Almost away now though... A few people I know have been hit by flu already, which seems to miss me most of the time, or just not give me much trouble...

yes, it misses me most years too. The recommended me getting the flu shot this year (first time in 30 years), because of my heart condition.

Hilarious Pictures! Ah, allergy season........

Dis one is a full blown infection of the sinuses sadly....