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Idea For Workshop Addition? Answered

I recently relocated my electronics table in my workshop and I am currently wondering what to do with all the free space. I am leaning towards a DIY CNC router, but I also might want a welding table. A lathe would also be nice. But my question is simple "What do I put in a 3' by 5' space?" I also don't want to spend 3K on some machinery that is seldom used.


If you are looking for a metal fab set up. get yourself a small oxy/fuel torch set up. A torch is the multi tool of the metal working world. Cut, weld, solder, braising & bending it does it all. Then build yourself a metal work bench. If you don't have this stuff already get a drill press, bench vice & an angle grinder. The last thing any metal fab shop stuffed into a to small space needs is lots of fire blankets, a good respirator of course a fire extinguisher. Just try to keep it all on the mini size as you are 14 you are going to be moving alot for at lest the next 10-15 years collage ,new jobs & what not so if you get a smaller set up it can go with you or go into storage easily. 

try google skethup there are some great blueprints i have mine im hoping to some land in the industral area and bulid shop there

Home distillery.

Nice idea but I don't drink. I'm only 14 and I'm not in Germany.

Sorry, just kidding around. I'm a drinker. (Good idea though).

What piece of equipment would you use most?  Which one would allow you to do more stuff?

An electronics workbench next to a welding area or a metal lathe is not the best situation though.

Allow me to clarify, my electronics table is now inside my bedroom. When I said I relocated it, I didn't mean still inside the shop. But still, those are good suggestions.

I guess what you put in that space depends on the kinds of projects you plan on doing. Welding in or working with chemicals in an enclosed space where you need to breath or where things might generate a spark is not a good idea. I also wouldn't want to put machines that create shaved materials or dust near where I'm doing electronic work. You could build some shelving and use it for storage or a DIY library area. Maybe put in a TV, Stereo and beer fridge? If its plumbed you could have a mud sink and a microwave. How about building a drafting table for your plans?