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Idea - "Living Jacket"? Answered

Here's my idea - get two medium sized ivy vines (or some other creeper) and attach the pots to the bottom of a jacket. As the plants grow wind the vines around the jacket so they eventually cover the whole thing, sort of weaving them together. When finished, gently remove the jacket and attach the pots to a belt.

Viola a living jacket!

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I know it wouldn't be very practical, but it'd probably look cool


That sounds interesting - can you give me more details on how you managed it? Was the paper towel on the inside or outside etc?

An important detail is that the top part of this particular hat was made out of some kind of mesh, with pretty wide spacing.

 The design was for the Chia seeds to sort of take root in the paper towel layer, then sprout upward through the holes in the mesh part of the hat.   The layer of wet paper towels is situated  under the hat,  on top of the wearer's head.

Although this hat spent most of its lifetime, not on my head, but in a plate being watered, and I only actually wore the hat for maybe a day.  I didn't really intend the thing to be long lived.  I just wanted to see if it would work.  In retrospect, I probably should have taken some pictures.

Some crude drawings are attached.


Do it. Do it now. Post an instructable.

R-d is right: if the plants are decently healthy, their roots will have grown into the jacket and you'll never get the jacket fabric free without tearing up the plant structure.

I'd use the nylon mesh that R-d suggested. If you feel that you must go natural fiber, a good quailty close weave burlap would work well and probably last a decent while. (Or, if you have lots of surplus cash to dispose of, a high quality open-weave 100% linen. It'd last much longer, but it costs around $30/yard).

Use a plant that's very hard to kill - ivy, virginia creeper, wandering Jew, philondendron, baby's tears, maybe even kudzu.

Unless you never put your arms by your sides, you'll tend to squash the plants between your body and your arms. You could make that area a big unpalnted gusset, but what I'd do is modify the jacket idea and go for a poncho/serape concept instead.

With the poncho concept, you could spread it out on the ground or drape it over a fence (maybe even hang it on a waterproof wall?) between wearing, which would help with keeping the plants alive and healthy.

Instead of attaching pots to a belt, I'd make the hem a 2-3" tube of some tiightly woven but porous fabric, with an inch or so of open mesh where it attaches to the rest of the fabric . Then I'd fill it with lightweight potting soil to create a continous "hem-pot" (there are probably about four hundred and twenty jokes you could make about that term - but that one's not the right plant to try and grow for this project :).

Good luck if you try this, and be sure to have fun. :)

You could try something similar with cress or grass seeds, but they grow directly in the fabric.

Make the jacket out of nylon mesh so the plants would have something to cling to and hold shape.

Don't wear it too long or your might find you are becoming one with the plant.

Watch out for spiders.

A better plant might be Virginia Creeper.  It's the third photo down.  Nice 5 leaf pattern.  VERY hearty and grows fast.  You can fool some people into thinking it poison ivy, but it's totally harmless.