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(Idea) Offline Instructables Editor/maker Answered

So I have had this idea in my head for some time now, and I finally went and tried it out. I'm always mad when I can't work on a instructable because the computer doesn't have internet, so i decided to try and make a editor that would edit and make instructable offline. I figure that i would gets this idea out in the open before going further because it does need some help from everyone here. I already thought up a way to make a type of file format. I took a zip file, put all the instructable files into it, and then renamed it a .ible file so it stands out as a instructable file. i have attached the test .ible fine on the forum so you can take a look at it(just rename it .zip to view it for now). i have a main config fine called CONFIG.instructable which contains all the basic things that it would need to know about the instructable. it tells it the title of the instructable, where to find the text for the intro, the pics for the intro, and then how many steps. there are then config files for each step. the names are simple, step1.config. in that it tells it the name of the step, what the name of the body text file is, and then how many pics are in it and the file names of them the thing is, this file means nothing if we can work out some way to upload it to instructables in a way that it is recognized as a instructable and loaded correctly. I figure that before I go and try to make a program that will make these files, I should ask if this is even possible. So what do you thinl?


If you have to ask if it's possible, you probably don't have the programming experience to do it.

Well, I am asking if Instructables would be able to implement the idea into the site. without that, theres not real point to doing this is there?

Nice idea. You should rewrite it in Python or Java so it is cross platform. (A Python command line tool would be the easiest.)

gosh having a job must suck im getting a job next year i dont really want to but i think i have to

Why do you need a special editor? I just type into a word processor and then copy/paste when I need to.

True, just typing out the files would work. I just figured that using a editor would be easier. Anyway, I was planning on programing the editor my self. but there's really no point in me making the editor if I can't upload the instructable file. That is what this forum is for. If the Admins like the idea, it would be pretty easy to implement on the site, and then I can make sure the template will work and change/add what I need to and then start on the editor. And with the editor , I could actually preview the instructable before uploading it.

make it a pr0 feature so we can view allsteps on one page.

I think he's talking simply about a program that puts the 'ibles together offline just like you had the site up, then has a one click upload. The idea's been pointed out before, though I tend to do all my thinking and write my projects up afterwards, most of the time I go in completely blind, take photos of everything and write an 'ible if it worked or was fun...

if you read the forum, it says for now you need to rename it a .zip file and open it with a program like winrar or 7-zip.

thanks. i guess we just have to see what the admins think. there the ones that can make or break this project.

I'd say use a PC for best results. Then do what you did, but copy it to a disk so if the pc or mac does not have Ethernet or the Internet connection doesn't work... pop in the disk. And, yes we will have to comment to Eric and the rest of the Instructable team (administrator).

Nice idea, someone already had it and even had at least a partly working offline editor...add it to the list of things to maybe get to someday...