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Idea for Halloween Costume Answered

I have an idea for a cool Halloween costume. I know it is a little bit earlllyyyy.... But I don't care. :P I am wanting a costume based on the principle of the mermaid captured costume by using the backpack as a support. I want a tall costume, like a 7ft or so tall. I was thinking have a backpack and sew in a PVC/ Dowell rod standing up going to the head.. But I'm not quite sure of the arms or how I would see out of it. Any help is appreciated or links or just anything and everything. I'm also wanting it to be like a ghost type monster almost shady creature costume. Thanks!


I made a kid being abducted by E.T. We used backpack with cross made of the tubes fabric comes on. Lots of duck tape and the head was a milk carton with clear mask onto. We put glow sticks inside! A dark cloak covered all the support. Arms were rolled batting from the craft store,inside a dark shirt. Then it was fed over the cross support.. It was light enough for my 10 year old to wear trickertreating all night.

IF you are going to have the costume at 7 ft or higher, make sure you use sturdy but VERY light weight material. BTW: if you are going TorT with this, make a shorter backup version....you wouldn't be able to wear what would become a SAIL, under windy conditions.

Probably wouldn't be for trick or treating any ways.. I have a haunted house. :) but thanks anyways!

Well, if it must be worn for any length of time....it still needs to be light weight :-)

"based on the principle of the mermaid captured"? or actually being a captured mermaid? what's the theme? the theme will totally define the structure

I'm saying that by ModMischief she has a costume and she uses a backpack as a support. That's what I'm thinking of doing, but instead have a pole come up above your head and have the actual creatures head up above you standing at about 7ft. Then where you are, you would be the "body" of the creature. And the theme is a ghost of sorts but not typical. More like swampy looking and draggy. Thanks.


links to the "modmischief" thing couldn't hurt but i've got a relatively solid idea of the general idea of the costume type.

are you looking for ways to make this happen? or design ideas?

if it's design ideas....along that theme:

have the thing be a ghosty, death type of thing and your head could be inside of a "soul lantern" kind of thing that the ghost is carrying around. with some filtered eerie LEDs to light up your face

or your head could be inside of a crystal ball kind of thing (still with the LEDs)

severed head carried by the ghostie thing

unless you're not doing a "big thing on your back carrying a smaller version of you in the front" like the captured mermaid thing (where there's a pirate carrying a mermaid in a box).....

if you just want a hypertall ghoul costume kind of thing...visibility is usually done through mesh screen fabric. arms could be cool to make "reacher" style arms (google reacher constumes)

Yeah that's what I was going for. And I'm looking for structural ideas that way. I had figured a mesh fabric would work... So yeah. I'll google those reached arms and get on that. Also, on here I found the instructable, "what nightmares are made of" costume https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-what-nightmares-are-made-of-aka-Soul/ that kind of look, with out the face thing. But I still am wondering... Do you think my pole idea would work? https://www.instructables.com/id/Stalk-Around-costume/
Here's another link that is also my kinda idea too. The ideas for me to wear a backpack, then out of one of the pockets, there would be a 4ft or so tall pole that on the top, would be the mask/face/whatever I'm gonna use. Maybe also a little fram for a body like in the 2nd link. Thanks for all the help and please get back to me!

assuming the "pole" is made of light enough material. you'd want to make sure that it's well attached in the backpack ifyou're going to use an actual backpack (especially if you're going to use a backpack that you're going to want to keep using as a backpack later). you wouldn't want the thing flopping around too much. probably want to have whatever you're using as the pole affixed down the centerline of the backpack so that it follows your spine.

you could even go so far as to rig up some strings/cables that would let you move the head side to side by moving the cables....like if you pull down with a shoulder it turns left or right.

Yeah that would be cool! I wasthinkin or securing it to put it all the way down the backpack and securing it with a heavy string all the way down.. Thanks for the ideas!!!! Brig some more on I you got em!!! :)