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Idea for a Knex retractable sight Answered

Ok, I had an idea where There would be this gun. The sights are hidden in the top of the gun, but can be exposed by removing a rod from the assembly. The sights would go on top of the barrel, would be powered by springs, and have a stop. The gun would look like it had no sights, but the sights would pop up when you removed a bolt is the idea. Unfortunately, to make such a gun, It would require a lot of parts, and the gun would be very big, but I'm just throwing the idea out there.......


I was already thinking up an adjustable site that you could adjust manually that would fold down hidden also. Who knows your idea might work too but I'm just saying so far I already have better plans.

No, I mean, When my sight was retracted, It looks like part of the gun. With it up, It looks like a sight

Exactly. Mine would be exactly the same except of only being capable of the up and collapsed positions mine would be able to adjust for aiming at different distances.

I thought knex didnt deal with optic lenses........

??? No the sight would be able to move to different heights. If you were to move the back sight up then you would need to tilt the gun in order to match up the sights. This would then counter gravity to land specifically at the target distance.

It would be almost impossible to calibrate, but would look cool.

I had an idea for a simple one where there are three orange connectors. One has a white rod on it's end side ways and the other two are put on it through their holes. The ends of the two orange connectors would then be on a pivot point and the single orange connector would slide. I would just have to figure out how to make separate spots for the orange connector to sit on. Then you would look through the gap in the orange connectors for the rear site. Rather simple I'll try to make an example out of the few knex I have here. As for the distances to set yeah that will be hard. I guess I'll just have to make shots at each height and take the average out of like 5 shots for each.

Yeah, seems a bit like a lot of fuss over nothing though to me.

Yeah but it would still be cool. I'm planning on making the ultimate AK someday and I'll need an adjustable site for it so I'll need it at least for the looks. I doubt people would be willing to do distances. I think I'll have to make some general distance aiming like once you slide it so it reaches their head that would be the correct setting for that distance.