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Idea for flip cam "real" steady cam. How about this for a "real" steady cam. The flip cam is tiny in mass and volume.? Answered

Why not use the head motor from a VHS recorder.If the rotational inertia is not enough, perhaps some bolts around the perimeter of the head, the assembly would have some type of handle attached to the camera (bicycle hand grip) the vhs motor attached to the bottom of the handle, battery pack to attach to belt?



8 years ago

You have posed more of a thought than a question, despite your use of question marks. However, there have already been steady cams developed for flip cams, as well as the DIY knockoff version. Basically, it's two hoops with a handle at the bottom, with the mount hanging from the top of the hoops. Alternatively, and less complicated is this design which takes hardly any weight at all to counterbalance.