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Idea for irobot challenge Answered

Hi friends, I am a Masters student of Computer science from Louisiana state university and i am working on signals transmitted by brain to control irobot. As we know that there a millions of neurons working simultaneously to do specific tasks. The signal produced by brain is in the range of milivots and also very scattered, the main hurdle is to tap that signal effectively to reproduce in a digital form and channelize it to control the irobot.


Hey guys..I dont need scholarship..i already have irobot create and working on this idea as this is my masters thesis..so i think this is the place to post rite? or is it that i have to register for competeition somewhere else?

Unfortunately, the deadline for ideas has already passed. Sorry.

W, I think just the scholarship app time has elapsed. Anybody can still buy their own Create and enter the contest. I'm pretty sure that's the case.