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Idea of making something with a collection of 26,000+ resistors? (Doesn't have to electronics related) Answered

Does anyone have an idea of making something from a collection of 26,000+ 1/4W resistors? (Doesn't have to electronics related)

Some kind of drawing/art?
Some kind of project that is "electronics related" (they range from 3.3ohms to 910Kohms)
For example: Resistor man: https://www.instructables.com/id/Resistor-man/    But something that is +creative and +uses more resistors:)

I could fill the walls of my whole room with these resistors and still have some left over (my house too? :)  )  but there isn't something special about doing that...

Share your idea in the comments section! The best idea could be something that you think is really stupid!


Build a Tower?

a Beer Cozie?

Some Coasters would be Cool too !

Just solder a few together, in a funky looking pattern, and grab some Bar-top sealer . The sealer will hold them together and if you use a mold you will be left with a nice level surface :)

Coasters could be really cool!

I'm thirteen so I don't drink beer, but I can do anything else... :)

you migt be able to make modle trees


Well, Ed Chapman made a mosaic of Jimi Hendricks using plectrums, maybe you can think of something arty in a similar vein.


I like the idea and if 3 or 4 resistors are parallel they form a nice square.
But I think it would only be good if the base color of the resistors is available in enough different colors.
Just brown and blue would be enough for a grayscale image.
Programs for mosaic prints are freely available and you would need to set the pixel size to the size of a resistor block (but maybe scaled down so you print a small scale template).