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Idea: piPod, piPad, piPhone Answered

Okay, so here's the idea.  Inexpensive RaspberryPi computers have lots of horsepower, an SD slot, audio jack, and place to hook a screen...  Why not kludge together your own iPod or even iPad.  Also, slap on one of MIT's cell modules and you've got the iPhone.

Sure it might look funky and may even cost more than the real deal, but half the coolness is just to say you did it yourself!

(P.S.  Since I just coined the terms piPod, piPhone, and piPad, you've got to send me one if you make it work!  Please?  Pretty please?  Maybe??)


I think it can easily be done and not that bulky. If I ever get my hands on a rpi. I plan to make one..

People are using them to make tablets but they are a bit bulky. The Pi is a small platform but not as small as the min board for most tablets. At least not with all those ports sticking out of it. So it wouldn't make a very good tablet.

For it to be an iPod/iPad/iPhone it has to run iOS which you won't be bale to get running on the Pi.You'd need to develop your own version of Linux that mimics iOS.