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Idea to improve Answered

I got a idea to improve ibles....
I always liked that you can ambed ibles by adding ?embed=flash at the end of the url, but what I don't like about the flash player is that you can't change the size (I also tried by modifying the HTML).
It would be awesome if you guys could make that.


I know that, but I meant that you can't change the size of the flash player and it is rather small......

That depends on the size of the video - if it's hosted as widescreen there, it will be widescreen here.

There's nothing stopping you clicking the "full screen" icon, of course...

I think you got me totally wrong
ibles has a flash player which you can get to by entering ?embed=flash at the end of the url
example: https://www.instructables.com/id/Small-Knex-Wheel-Lift/?embed=flash

But with that player you can't change the size