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Ideas Answered

Give me an idea and I will probably build it, name your favorite replica or something innovative and i'll give my best shot at it.



I suggest building a small Knex football stadium. Perfect for the season! PACKERS!!!

I might try that, only if you give the idea up though and allow me to use it. If your successful with it then I won't! :D

Somehow I got an email for this comment even though i have nothing to do with this comment whatsoever... :/

Well it is Halloween season, so maybe a jack-o-lantern or some other awesome Halloween related prop. (Not that someone isn't already making something like that....)

I have a compilation ible for K'nex halloween as a draft. Would you like to give it a look sometime? Continued...

Yep, seems like a good idea also you can enter it in the "Halloween Contest"!

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Which is more "useful" in the scheme of life, help, or fun? I think I'm gonna go with help..................


make a belt fed lmg