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Ideas Please Answered

Help! I have got a whole lot of 0.22" bullet cartridges (i do small bore) and i need an idea for an instructable on them. And by lots i mean unlimited. Seriously


drill holes through the side towards the end of them , and string em to make a necklace sling shot ammo scatter them around your front porch to freak out people


Drill through the closed ends and string loads of them like that - sort of a cartridge snake.

it would take a while because the drill bit would keep overheating.

Would a simple hammer-and-nail work? I don't know how tough .22 cartridges are.

.22 cal. shells are rim fire, so there is no "cap" to punch out of the center (which would make it easier if it did have this), like say shotgun shells.

With a decently sharp bit, and an occasional drop of cutting oil on the shell, it shouldn't be "that" tough (the main drawback is their small size).

Use them for "feet" like in this pot stand: pot stand link (scroll down)

Anyway, the first picture shows one use: The second, the size....


Hmm, a necklace made with them faced the other way (open side up) would catch some of the crumbs you dropped as you ate supper LOL well, probably not.... ;-)

well, i didn't think of that in my design. I did that was because i think it would be more asthetically pleasing

I know, I was just kind of joking. I am tired and need sleep :-) I get too silly when I am up this late...

Hmm, wind chimes mini-brass candle holders mini-brass LED light holders hunter's christmas lights maracas (innards) Mortar shells for mini-armed forces scene / set up mini bowling alley (with marble) um, that is all I can come up with in a short time....it is after 12:30 in the morning here.....

You didn't "make" me post....I was still hanging around a bit.....when I get too tired, I signoff and go to bed :-)
Now, if you had been standing behind me with a gun telling me I had to post of else......than maybe you would need to apologize ;-)

who says i wasn't controling your mind with flu-shots!

I don't get flu-shots, nor do I get the flu ;-) Honestly.

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friend that sounds like work "groans"
me yeah lets just make a pickle that lives forever!!!!


I am working on something now using 5.56mm rifle shells, but the 0.22's could be used in a similar way, you actually reminded me I havn't done that yet and I've had the cut shell on my desk for ages...

Hmmm check out mine when i finish it, the problem isn't the shell, it's the object going inside...