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Ideas Related to arduino for a goob science project for science exhibition? Answered

Hey Frnds! The is going to be a science exhibition in our school and i want to make something that is the best of all. I have recently bought an Arduino UNO and i'm excited to use it in my project. I saw many things that can be made out of arduino but i'm not sur if it can be a good project or not. Can you please give some suggestions and explain them a bit. If possible plz also give its link. I will be very grateful to all of u.



3 years ago

It is a project, so it is about you doing the homework on it, not about asking other people what to do.

If you want to use an Arduino you will find a lot of Instructables to choose from.


Answer 3 years ago

thanx for replying. I did them all but i can not decide that which one is better. Also i posted another question plz see it cuz its about smthng i am thinking to make.