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Ideas for Solar Invention Answered

Hey, I have got 3 computer fans, and first I would like to see if anyone knows how much volts they normally take to run, I wouldnt guess to much since they're simple and small. And I was trying to think of ideas of what to try to make with them, running with solar panels. I wanted to try to think of something more than just runnings fans. I'm open to all ideas thanks!


Off the wall ideas are somewhat a specialty for me. How about a small hovercraft ?? The solar panel could sit on top providing power to the fan underneath, and the driving fan at the back. All depends of course if you can get enough lift to overcome the weight.

12 volts, most of them, from 100mA to 300mA of current. The three wire ones give you a pulse feedback, can you think of something to do with it? (I can...)

Check the side of your fans to find the voltage. Different fans use different amounts of power.