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Ideas for a DIY self defense item please? Answered

I dont live in the nicest town and i thought about getting a self defense weapon but tasers are illegal where i live, I have a kuboton but it does not make me feel safe so i was wondering if anyone knew how to make a proficient self defense weapon on the cheap.


It's not DIY, but for small non-lethal weapons, I suggest Peter Brusso's Defender series (Google it, so you can trust the link). While I haven't had to use the ones I have in anything other than practice, they work as advertised and are very easy to learn to use.

Note that the best defense, always, is staying aware and staying out of trouble. You automatically survive each assault you avoid. Cross-country running and awareness training is a potent, and simple, non-violent self defense system. Mix in some parkour if you're into gymnastics. Learn to run like the mythical Rhosgobel rabbit.

The other thing to remember is that, in most places, most people won't be assaulted, and of those held up, many will only lose money. Conversely (as Penn & Teller pointed out), the chance for getting hurt doing martial arts is effectively 100%. Think about these numbers before you start training purely for self-defense. I'm emphatically NOT saying that people shouldn't do martial arts. The thing is that you're going to get hurt in practice, so if you want to practice martial arts to avoid getting hurt, it isn't going to work. You've got to have more reasons than that.

Best defence keep away from trouble and run faster than the opposition - in most places any weapon is going to be illegal


paraphrasing canada law here:

-Anything used as a weapon is classified as a weapon
-Self defense is using the absolute minimum amount of force required to defend yourself. Loosely, if someone has a knife you can break their wrist to disarm them. If someone has a gun, you can shoot back, but you will be charged with a crime - generally assault or assault with a weapon, manslaughter, or murder. Those are not easy to fight - even with overwhelming evidence.

If truly interested in self-defense, take a self-defense class, and stay in shape. *insert ghandi quote about defense being better than offense.
Don't travel alone in shady areas.

If someone was attacking me i would not care about the legal consequences, only the consequence of losing.

If you're not concerned about the legal ramifications, carry a gun, taser, or pepper spray. It's a bad plan, but you'll 'win'.

+1 I have found that the best weapon in our arsenal is our wits. Learn to recognize danger and stay away from it. Don't go out at night if you don't have to. Carrying a whistle is the best alarm in case of an attack. Screaming "Fire!" instead of "Help!" brings more people out that can identify an attacker. Walk with confidence, that makes people think twice before engaging in a confrontation with you. Walk away or run away from any provocation. One last thing is to be modest, do not advertise your wealth by wearing expensive jewelry, watches, clothes or shoes. Do not handle your money in public and do not carry big wads of money like some people thinking to impress others.

You might be able to get some pepper spray, not sure if it is legal there though. I am taking Tae Kwon Do, and generally feel confident that I am able to protect myself, so you should look into taking martial arts classes (more specificaly ones that focus on self-defense). One might say that martial arts is nerdy or dumb, and at a lower rank it may appear that way, but really a martial art may be the difference between your life or death. BTW it will also help build self-discipline and many other vital principles that all should live by. Hope this is very helpful! Have a great day!

sadly where i live pepper spray is illegal and the only martial arts class available is karate (more for discipline than self defense).

Carry a long umbrella. Gives you a bit of reach and can be thrown at someone as a deterant as you run away. Read up on canes as a self defense wepon but understand a cane may attract attention, makes you look like a easy target. A umbrella dosn't send the same signals but can be used in the same ways as a cane.

I need something small and portable, an umbrella or a baseball bat are not very discreet.

It strikes me that a really bright led flash light may be one answer. Assuming an attack happens during darkness the flash light will induce temporary blindness allowing you to run


5 years ago

A baseball bat with notches cut in it for all the home runs.

The criminals often use underhanded methods to get an advantage over you so you can't fight back anyway. Five thugs sneak up and one of them kicks you in the leg from behind. Down you go and you get pummeled by 5 guys and robbed. What chance do you have to use a weapon. Or.. you are standing at an ATM (bank machine) and the guy standing behind you hits you in the side of the head with ALL OF HIS STRENGTH. You don't even know what happened when its over. Very often, the best way to protect yourself is to be very aware of your surroundings. If you LOOK AT anyone who walks up behind you at the bank-machine, then the thug will think twice about assaulting you because you GOT A LOOK AT HIS FACE and how he is dressed and how old he is and what race he is etc etc. for the police report. Military guys call this "having your head on a swivel"... Educating yourself on these methods might be the best choice.