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Ideas for a Nature/Jungle style bedroom? Answered

Hello everyone,

I'm getting a new bedroom and i'm looking for ideas on how to decorate it.

The walls are light green and i really like a Nature/Jungle type of style. I also like the use of bamboo, wood, and big natural rocks and stones. A bit like this: http://dornob.com/magic-mushroom-private-retro-rustic-mountain-lodge/?ref=search But with some more plants and green colours.

I'd like ideas on wall decorations, lamps, desks, beds or anything else you can think of. I'm also a bit of a geek, so natural or jungle themed speakers, or other computer accessories would look awesome.

It's not gonna be a kid's bedroom, so keep that in mind

Let your mind go wild!



6 years ago

Very interesting idea. I think you'd want to use enough theme related pieces without going overboard and looking too over-done or kid-like.

I would suggest wood floors (if that's in your budget), bamboo is very nice. Going with a feature faux rock wall would also look great and keep furniture as "natural" as possible. My dad has made a great instructable on making natural wood tables if you're interested. There are faux rock speaker 'boxes' that are meant for the garden, but they could easily be used in a bedroom. Then use a number of plants that you like, and for your climate (depending on the size of the room), and use lighting that encourages growth. There are some beautiful lamps and ceiling lights made of wood that you may also like. Try and keep your bedding, curtains etc in natural fabrics (cotton, bamboo) and in colors that work with your surrounding decor. You can accessorize with pillows and/or a floor rug in bolder tones of green to tie in the theme of 'nature', plants and your wall color.

Here are a few images. I have also linked to some websites (in orange text).

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


Answer 6 years ago

Thanks for the ideas. I really like the bed and lamp made of wood. Your dad's tables look really cool, but a little bit too shiny and clean, don't know if i could do that differently?

Anyway... your reply helped a lot, thanks!


Answer 6 years ago

You're welcome. The table my dad made can be done differently. Just follow the instructable, but use a matte varnish on the table instead of something with a lot of shine. The idea would be to just protect the wood and bring out its natural color. The same can be said for other pieces of furniture, a desk, a lamp, etc. if you want to save a lot of expense and make things yourself.