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Ideas for a kitchen hood fan motor, an old stroller, an old computer and an old BBQ propane tank ? Answered



The jet powered stroller would be cool, but I'm a little wary on that one. Is the propane tank empty?

The tank is empty and mostly covered by rust. The valve doesn's seal. Technically is not a tank anymore, is ust a pile of metal that might be useful for something.

Personally, rusty things look cool in gardens. I'd say make a fireplace. Just cut it near the top, the valve is kaput, so I'm hoping the tank is fully empty. Make the top piece fit inside the tank. cut out a small hole in the bottom portion of the tank. drill a few holes in your lid to let ash through. Invert the lid and set it on the inside. drill out or cut out designs in the sides of the tank to let air flow through. The cradle from the tank top will let air flow from the bottom, makes it easier to light, and also lets ash out, so it's easier to clean. As for the computer, I just make jewelry out of the components. Is the stroller metal or plastic?

A stroller powered by the motor on fire from the propane, All the mothers will want one by this summer!

Brilliant !. My wife will love the idea...

you could hook the fan motor to th e strollerand get the computer circuitry and hook it to the mote rand control it like an computer car game and use the propane to shoot fire out the back to make it look cool