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Ideas for circuit bending/hacking/case modding the Intellivision Plug N' Play system? Answered

After much frustration with the lack of response from the controls and finding only one decent game on the whole console I've decided to take apart my Intellivision Plug N' Play (abbr. PNP) system. I was thinking about circuit bending or complete circuit hacking the system but I've come up with a load of parts and fun gadget-y components, but no ideas. Could someone please give me an idea of what kind of fun I should have at the console's expense? A short list of things I know that may help you are as follows:
1. I have many Radioshack electronic components (resistors, capacitors, reed switches, IC chips etc.) Feel free to suggest these things, if I don't have the component you mention I may just grab it.
2. So far I've found ABSOLUTELY NO data on the PNP system so as far as reprogramming the thing, it's somewhat out of the question.
3. Here's some photos (below) of the circuitry; hopefully something will help.

4. It doesn't really matter what you think up (even if it's just something that warps the colors onscreen or makes odd noises, I will try it)

Many thanks in advance! If a collab. of ideas work together then I may post the finished product in an instructable! (Yes, credit will be given. If I missed giving it to you feel free to yell at me.)



8 years ago

The "oscillator chip" is a crystal, which is part of the system clock (in the sense of the periodic pulse that keeps the whole thing going, rather than keeping time).


8 years ago

You should check out Atari Age. It's by far the best resource I've found on such matters. Most of the programming info and mods are for older systems, but they're definetely the people that can help you.